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Couple Counselling, Divorce, Separation, Family Dispute Mediation, Infidelity, Same-sex issues, Communication, Adjustment, Life Changes and Ageing Couples, Conflict resolution.

Seeking relationship support isn’t only about making an appointment in crisis. Communication and understanding can be achieved at any time during your relationship as a way to enhance what you have built already and develop a deeper and more intimate bond.

rship4Relationships counselling can be done together or as an individual depending on what the issue is, it can help heal or support separating, it can define what is going wrong and how to get on track.  Sometimes, when you find your relationship has become unhealthy or abusive, you need extra support to understand what has happened, how to leave and how to heal.

Most research shows that a good, healthy relationship needs :

Maturity. An understanding of adult concepts and emotional maturity.
Openness. A willingness to be open, undefended and willing to be vulnerable. rship5
Honesty & Integrity.  Develop trust and the ability to trust others.
Respect & Independence.  Allow yourself and your partner to have autonomy and respect their differences.
Empathy. Understand the opinion or needs from your partners viewpoint.
Affection.  Be able to demonstrate affection and intimacy beyond sex.
Sense of Humor. Find somethings funny when needed.

Jane Anastasios
Zarina Seksembaeva
Sylvia Werba
Dr.Peter Abraham
Dr Suzette Goldwqasser
Dr Shaun Delaney (Men & separation/divorce)
Sarah Godfrey (Schema/mode )

Renee Catt (Couple Coaching)