Interpersonal Difficulties.

Why don’t people like me?

Why am I always fighting with others?

Why do my relationships break down?



Problems with interpersonal relationships are common. Everyone at one time or another experiences conflict or misunderstandings in communication but if you find you are continually at odds with others, your friendships and relationships keep breaking down, often dramatically, then maybe you need more help to understand what is going wrong.

itp3Problems with thinking, emotional regulation, and impulse regulation cause significant interpersonal difficulties. These problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviours itp2converge to create a very negative impact on people’s ability to fulfil social roles, and their ability to form and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships.

Sometimes a history of frequent interpersonal conflicts with family, friends and school or work colleagues can signify something more serious like personality issues. Learning how to relate to others, reflecting on your own behaviour and understand social and interpersonal needs can significantly improve your relationships and mental health.

If you think you may have interpersonal difficulties, answer the questions below.

Do you have a history of conflict with friends and family (include falling out with others, arguments)

Do you often feel you are different to others?

Do you feel unlucky?

Do you have trouble maintaining relationships?

Do you have trouble finishing tasks, jobs, activities?

Do you find yourself feeling sad and upset frequently?

Do you feel empty a lot of the time?

Are you often irritable with others?

Do you feel left out?

Is your history marked by frequent “dramas” with others?

Have you had problems with work/school colleagues or peers frequently?

If you have said yes to six or more of these statements it may be worthwhile talking to a psychologist about these feelings.