Family Therapy understands all of the different types of families and family members including nuclear, step families, half-siblings, foster families, boarders, tenants and so on.

Family therapy assists family members to come to terms with crisis such as an illness, marital breakdown, a challenging adolescent or child, drug/alcohol misuse, family7depression, grief and loss or work/school issues. Often the impact of conflict and distress upon families is to disconnect, communicate less with family members and strain these key relationships. Family therapists will assist family members to share and explore each other’s feelings and views, family patterns, family strengths and struggles.

It seeks to understand the dynamics between the people in families and assist where ever relationships have become challenging and stuck.

family6     Family therapy often considers a systems approach to the relationships and interactions between individuals focusing on enhancing communications between individuals and learning conflict resolution skills.

We offer two sessions specific family therapy, short term and long tern sessions, a fit for all families.