Child and Parenting

Parenting Skills, Pre and Post Natal Support, Child Play Therapy, Assessments, Treatments and Diagnosis, Group Play Therapy, Sibling Issues, Social Skills, School Anxiety, Bullying, Abuse, Aggressive Behaviours, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Problem Solving, Generalised Anxiety, Divorce and Separation Adjustments, Family Dispute Mediation, Disabilities,
Self Esteem, Psycho-Educational Assessments


Anne Muscatello (Child Therapist/Expressive therapies)

Renee Catt (Family Mediation)

Sylvia Werba

Sonia Sezenias ( Assessments/ADHD/ ASD/Behavioural)

Dr. Peter Abraham

Zarina Seksembaeva (Pregnancy/IVF)

Marisa Baschuk

Heidi Rogers