Art and Play Therapy (or Expressive Therapy) focuses on providing a therapy for children who often have difficulty trying to say in words what they feel or how experiences have affected them. Child Centered Play Therapy is a medium for children to express their feelings, explore relationships, tell about experiences and their wishes.

In Expressive Therapy, a relationship develops between the child and the therapist. The therapist enters the child’s world, following the child’s lead, developing a safe place and a relationship of trust.

This type of therapy sessions are usually held in a playroom that has a range of carefully selected toys and
materials. In the playroom, the child can express feelings, thoughts, experiences and behaviours through play. Examples of materials used may be doll houses and accessories, sand play, art with different mediums, puppets, books and play doh.

Limits are set as and when needed. This is done in a way that helps children make choices and develop self responsibility.