Sexuality and intimacy issues

Joining our team is Michaela Klabanova  (Psychotherapist/Counsellor) who has  qualifications as a psychologist in Europe and in Australia is near the AHPRA requirements (Masters in Psychology and Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling).

One area that she specialises in is with intimacy issues for couples and individuals.

Intimacy and sexuality are complex aspects of our lives, which have a significant impact on our relationships.

At some point in our lives, many of us experience a sexual problem. Such problems include but are not limited to changes in sexual libido, issues in intercourse and/or sexual difficulties (eg. erectile problems, vaginismus). Due to mixed messages about these topics, it is understandable that women and men often experience difficulties in discussing this part of their lives.

Therapy provides a safe space for the individual or the couple to discuss these issues. The aim of the therapy is to identify, understand and address the underlying causes of these issues. Often the problem relates to difficulties within the client’s relationship, stress and/or mental health.