Renee Catt

Master Practitioner in Hypnosis
Master Practitioner and Coach in NLP
Certified Time Line Therapy®️ Practitioner
Nationally Accredited Mediator
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
Diploma in Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership
Certified Ho’oponopono Meditation Teacher

Master Practitioner

Relationship Mediation
Relationship Coaching and Mentoring
Mindfulness, Mindset and Meditation
Separation Consultations and Coaching
Holistic Divorce Coaching
Personal Success and Wellbeing Coaching

Workshops and Retreats

Areas of Practice

Relationship Conflict – Before, During & After Divorce

Divorce Coaching & Mentoring with you one on one or along side your mediator or lawyer

Separation & Divorce Immersion

Co-Parenting Success Parenting Plans and coaching

Confidence Coaching after separation and divorce

Property Mediation

Family Law Mediation (FDR)

Additional Information:

Renee has been mentoring and coaching women through their separation and divorce for the last 5 years after going through her own ‘tsunami of a divorce’. She enjoys helping couples either reconnect and rediscover each other to create a remarkable relationship. One that can stand the test of time and then be great examples to their children. She is proud of the Separation Success Consultation work she does with couples who have decided to end their marriage, don’t know what to say to their partners and want to work things out together. Most people just don’t know how.

When working with Renee, you are able to use kindness and empathy in the early stages of the separation. Enabling the couple to make the best decisions for their family moving forward so their children feel loved and supported. Renee enjoys speaking about relationships, separation and divorce at your networking or business event. Renee is often sought out in the media for her tips and advice to help educate people on how to do divorce differently and finding your happy ever after.

She can work with your company to keep employees focused and productive when going through a separation and divorce.

She can also work along side your legal team or other mediator to combine her coaching expertise to encourage couples to do the healing first, and then decision time.

Even if you’re separated and there’s still conflict, there is always hope for a remarkable co-parenting relationship. Ask me how and book in a time to chat now.

Services and Costs

15 minute FREE intro chat

45 minute DISCOVERY CALL $110 PRE PAID (normal value $250)

INITIAL CONSULTATION sessions for one person $220 for 1hr and couples $330 for hour and half

ONGOING SESSIONS $220 for 45  mins

Coaching and Couple Coaching Packages

SEPARATION SUCCESS CONSULTATION & COACHING – for the individual or couple who are considering separation and not sure what to do next or if it is the right thing to do.

SEPARATION SUCCESS – (for those who are in the early stages of separation or just thinking about it)

6 WEEK PACKAGE – per person $2,000 Learn to let go of all the negative emotions and be in a state of emotional readiness for all the important decisions you will need to make and be able to plan for the future.

RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS 6 WEEK PACKAGE – $5,000 for the couple. Whatever has caused the relationship to breakdown, we work together as a team and in individual sessions to find out how to reconnect and rediscover an even greater relationship.

BEYOND THE BREAKUP 6 WEEK PACKAGE – per person $2000 Learn to let go of all the negative emotions and be in a state of emotional readiness for all the important decisions you will need to make and be able to plan for the future

SEPARATION SUCCESS UP-LEVELLED 12 WEEK PACKAGE – $3,650 per person (includes parenting plan and mediation & legal preparation and financial and property information, kick start the separation process and preparation and much much more to support you for the next year and a day)

CO-PARENTING RELATIONSHIP REPAIR 8 WEEK PACKAGE – $3,000 per person to repair the relationship between the former partners who want to learn how to be successful co-parents and show their children that even though they couldn’t save the marriage, they are still a family.  Learn to deal with the hurt of the past relationship and move forward so the children know they are loved and supported and don’t suffer from their parent’s divorce.

RELATIONSHIP READY 6 WEEK PACKAGE – $2000 per person to help you regain confidence and go on a journey of self discovery and work out how to let  go of what’s been holding you back and create the life of your dreams.


All payments are up front and non-refundable

Any cancellation inside 24 hrs is 50% cancellation fee

All payments for couples are to be paid half/half, regardless if shared bank account

Payment plans may be considered for ongoing work