Who should see a Psychologist?

Anyone who feels that their quality of life is not as good as they would like could benefit from psychological counselling.

Some people see psychologist when they are upset, or if something has happened in their past or present that is causing problems for them. Friends and family tell some people that they do not seem happy anymore or their behaviour has changed and suggest they get help. Others are referred by their doctor, workplace or other organisation because they have noticed you might not be coping as well as you could.

Often people see a psychologist to find out if there really is “something wrong” or whether they are just experiencing feelings most people have at sometime in their life.

People see psychologist to be diagnosed or assessed in order for a treatment plan to be developed to improve their quality of life. There are so many reasons a psychologist could help with improving your life and relationships.

If you are unsure whether you might need to see a psychologist ask your doctor or call the clinic for more information.