What is a Psychologist?

A psychologist is someone who has completed an extensive undergraduate, postgraduate academic and practical study in the field of human behaviour and emotions. Psychologists work with individuals, groups, in organisations and in research. Psychological work focuses on how to help people change the way they may think, feel and behave in order to enhance their lives and relationships.

Psychologist also diagnose and assess people for a range of mental illnesses, disorders and disabilities in order to support, help and plan treatment and management for those issues. Psychologists are bound by strict ethical guidelines and have to be registered with the Psychologist Board of Australia (PBA) in order to practice.

Some psychologist are members of specific colleges within the Australian Psychological Society and are endorsed by the PBA. Some are registered as supervisors which means they are allowed to guide and train up coming graduates or provide consultation for registered psychologists.

Clinical and generalist psychologists are new classifications created with the introduction of the Medicare system. Previously psychologists (post undergraduate study) trained as counselling, educational and developmental, health, sports, forensic or clinical depending on their professional direction and interests.The recent introduction of two classifications has created untold confusion about the services received for clients on Medicare. It is a political minefield within the psychology profession as it is viewed as discriminatory classification based on no scientifc fact.

Both types of psychologists provide the same services and skills, (diagnostic, assessment reports, treatment, counselling). There is no evidence that differentiates client outcomes based on these classifications. The overwhelming research indicates that it is the individual psychologist, their skill, ability to engage rapport, professional development and experience that, at the end of treatment, determines positive outcomes for the client.

At MovingMindsets we believe that the psychologists reputation, experience and successful history of treatment, diagnosis and therapy determine who works at the clinic.