Interpersonal Difficulties

Interpersonal Difficulties

Do you have a history of conflict with friends and family (include falling out with others, arguments, Yes/No etc)

Do you often feel you are different to others? Yes/No

Do you feel unlucky? Yes/No

Do you have trouble maintaining relationships? Yes/No

Do you have trouble finishing tasks, jobs, activities? Yes/No

Do you find yourself feeling sad and upset frequently? Yes/No

Do you feel empty a lot of the time? Yes/No

Are you often irritable with others? Yes/No

Do you feel left out? Yes/No

Is your history marked by frequent “dramas” with others? Yes/No

Have you had problems with work/school colleagues or peers frequently? Yes/No

If you have said yes to six or more of these statements it may be worthwhile talking to a psychologist about these feelings.