Do you find it hard to stop worrying about little things? Yes/No

Do you repeat things such as checking doors are locked, washing hands, checking lists, etc? Yes/No

Do you feel on edge or restless most of the time? Yes/No

Are you easily tired? Yes/No

Do you find it hard to concentrate or your mind goes blank more than it used to? Yes/No

Are you irritable? Yes/No

Does your body feel tense and up tight? Yes/No

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep or have broken sleep? Yes/No

Do you find thoughts looping over and over in your head? Yes/No

Do you over sleep? Yes/No

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep? Yes/No

Are you kept awake by thoughts that worry you? Yes/No

Have you noticed weight gain recently? Yes/No

Have you lost your appetite recently? Yes/No

Have you aware of feelings of guilt or shame that feel overwhelming? Yes/No

Have you felt shaky, sweaty, breathless, dizziness, light headed, had palpitations? Yes/No

If you have said yes to ten or more of these statements it may be worthwhile talking to a psychologist about these feelings.