Dr Suzette Goldwasser


Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Suzette Goldwasser is a clinical psychologist with a warm, compassionate and approachable style. She aims to create a safe space for her clients, where they feel understood, accepted and supported. She believes in listening closely and engaging with her clients to fully understand the problems they are facing, and then working together on a plan to help them feel more fulfilled in their lives.

Having experienced significant transitions throughout her personal as well as professional life, Suzette came to the psychology profession after many years of government and corporate work. These experiences have given her valuable insight into what it means to embrace change and be challenged by life events.

Suzette is an empathetic listener in exploring a broad range of issues when working with adults and adolescents, including:
•Anxiety (e.g. social anxiety; panic attacks; phobias; generalised anxiety and worry)
•Postnatal depression and anxiety
•Work / career issues
•Eating-related issues and body image
•Relationship problems
•Self-esteem and identity concerns
•Communication and assertiveness
•Stress management
•Transitions and adjustment to major life changes
•Grief and loss

Suzette has completed research in the area of attachment theory, which explores how early life experiences can shape the way we view ourselves, relate to others, and respond to stressors in life.

She has a flexible approach to practice, and depending on her client’s needs and preferences, integrates a variety of modalities including solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, interpersonal, systemic, and mindfulness based approaches, and aims to provide a high quality of care to her clients.