Sharon Sutherland

Sharon Sutherland

Mental Health Social Worker

B.A., Dip ED., BSW, MSW (Melbourne University)
Accredited Mental Health Social Worker AASW
Individual and Family therapist/Child and Adolescent mental health

Associate Membership Australian Association of Family Therapy

Associations and affiliations

Alfred Health.
Alfred Psychiatry
AASW Australian Association of Social Workers
AASW Mental health Social Workers
Participation in Social Work undergraduate teaching LaTrobe University, Melbourne University

Areas of clinical interest.

Individual child and adolescent mental health
Family therapy
Family relationship issues
Family systems and the Couple relationship
Child and youth family relationship issues
Brief psychodynamic therapies for individuals and families
Child and youth behavioural and emotional difficulties.
Adjustment disorders.
Adolescent issues
Generalised Anxiety
School refusal
Eating disorders (Eating Disorders (Maudsley  model Family based treatment for Anorexia Nervosa)
Interpersonal difficulties
Adjustment to life stage issues
Parent child relationships
Grief and loss

Professional supervision and mentoring
Workplace relationship issues


Focused psychological strategies,

Brief solution focused
Single session therapies
Family therapy
Narrative therapies.
Cognitive behavioural therapies.
Psychodynamic psychotherapy
Child psychotherapies


Medicare rebates, HICAPPS, MHTP

Committee Membership previous and current include

National Youth  Suicide Prevention Project ‘The staying alive project’ Maroondah hospital area mental health service.
1995-2001 Developmental Psychiatry Course  committee/Victorian Post Graduate Child Psychiatry Training  Program The Austin, Melbourne University.
1999-2001 Graduate Diplomas in child and adolescent mental health committee
Victorian Post Graduate Child Psychiatry Training  ProgramThe Austin, Melbourne University.


Participation and contribution to numerous working parties, committees or practice guidelines and policy in public mental health and health


Training general practitioners in the assessment of childhood mental health problems. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry. Vol 7(4) Oct 2002, 571-579. Luk, Ernest S L, Brann, Peter; Sharon Sutherland; Mildred, Helen; Birleson, Peter

‘End of life care in adults with Cystic Fibrosis ‘J Philip, M Gold, S Sutherland, F Finlayson, C Ware, M Braithwaite, J Harris, J Wilson. Journal of Palliative Medicine.2007

An assessment of needs towards the development of a non-malignant palliative care model .M Braithwaite, J Philip, H Tranberg, F Finlayson, M Gold, S Sutherland, T Kotsimbos, J Harris, J Wilson. Journal of Cystic fibrosis 2007

2008 Unpublished Masters of Social Work by Research ‘Early childhood attachment and family relationships in cystic fibrosis patients. Implications for disease management and outcomes’ (University of Melbourne)

Additional Information

Sharon is an accredited mental health Social Worker with over 20 years’ clinical experience, working with individuals, children and adolescents and their families Sharon specialises in the assessment and treatment of individual child and adolescent emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties and family therapy treatments to mental health problems . She has clinical experience working with children, young people, parents and families in specialist tertiary mental health and health services. She has extensive experience in the provision of psychological therapies to young people and their families in consultation with multidisciplinary teams, schools, community agencies, paediatricians and General Practitioners. Experience in working with high risk young people and their families to coordinate support and develop coping and resilience.

Additional training in the assessment and treatment of emotional and psychological difficulties includes family therapy, Developmental Psychiatry, (Austin post graduate child psychiatry program) National youth suicide prevention strategy training (Suicide field trials Australia), Eating Disorders (Maudsley  model Family based treatment for Anorexia Nervosa)

The Maudsley approach can mostly be construed as an intensive outpatient treatment where parents play an active and positive role in order to: Help restore their child’s weight to normal levels expected given their adolescent’s age and height; hand the control over eating back to the adolescent, and; encourage normal adolescent development through an in-depth discussion of these crucial developmental issues as they pertain to their child. The Maudsley Approach considers the parents as a resource and essential in successful treatment for Anorexia Nervosa. This model sees strives to bring about weight restoration and restore the adolescent’s developmental trajectory. (Daniel Le Grange, PhD and James Lock, MD, PhD 2005)

Masters of Social Work by Research thesis ‘Early childhood attachment and family relationships in cystic fibrosis patients. Implications for disease management and outcomes’ (University of Melbourne)

Sharon’s clinical experience has included participation in specialist clinical programs, individual child therapies, Adolescent Psychotherapy Group, Single Session therapy, Family Therapy, and provided primary and secondary consultation service to school counsellors/ support services and numerous government and nongovernment agencies.

Clinical service delivery in direct patient care in chronic illness, transition from paediatric to adult health services.

Sharon has managed professional social workers and continues to manage and provide superv