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Mastering Executive Growth is an elite service developed for healthy executive and higher management individuals desiring to push their professional and personal growth.

Mastering Executive Growth

Be Challenged – Be Authentic – Be Exceptional

Mastering Executive Growth was developed from the demand we have had to provide challenging consultations for this client group.leader

Who we are.

We are human behaviourists with an extensive background in psychology and organisations, who will help individuals navigate and interpret their behaviour and the behaviour of those around them.
We understand that individuals and companies are looking for a service beyond life coaching and personality profiling.
We understand that individuals may have complex and demanding needs that require utmost confidentiality and maturity to navigate towards an optimum outcome.
We are individual-focused and have worked with people in demanding careers such as CEO’s, business owners, management, lawyers, medical professionals, actors, musicians, elite sporting professionals and members of their families.
We are an exclusive service tailored to those who have the capacity, drive and focus to elevate their individual ability, to understand their motivators, human behaviour and intra and interpersonal skill levels.
We will take our clients beyond that of simplistic life coaching and mentorship trends limited to basic self-improvement.

leader2Our Purpose.

Our task is to locate and expose the blocks, gaps and missed opportunities in your professional and personal growth.
Our aim is to help you understand the internal games and belief structures that distract you from your authentic self.
We will consolidate past experiences and expose areas of resistance to growth and higher levels of success and status.
We will provide direct, empathic knowledge and insight as you demand to be challenged and pushed to an elevated awareness.

Our Clients.

Our clients succeed based on our ability to deliver higher levels of self and other awareness and personal growth.
Our clients are driven by mental courage, emotional bravery and the need for excellence professionally and personally.
Executive or management professionals that have experienced life coaching or mentorship services and may have stagnated in their professional growth or reverted back to old patterns.
Executive or management professionals that have plateaued in their professional career and are looking for the edge to push them further.
Our clients accept the need to be challenged, hear direct truths and have the maturity to work towards optimum outcomes.-

We believe it is important to meet first and discover if your needs and our services align.
Please contact Sarah Godfrey to arrange a time for us to come to your organisation and discuss our services in more detail.workplace

Contact Mastering Executive Growth
Sarah Godfrey 0417017258
B.A.Psych.Socio.Grad.Dip.App.Psych.MAPS.EAPAA. COUN. AHPRA. Director Movingmindsets & EAP. Supervisor PBA.
Cathy Hogan 0411103905

Consulting Rooms: 201 East Boundary Road, East Bentleigh VIC 3165