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Coaching is a commitment between an individual and a professional to work together to enhance, upgrade, develop and resolve areas in your life where you believe you are under performing- professionally and personally.

Coaching works on all aspect of your professional and personal development. From relationships, career, executive management and leadership, business entrepreneurialism, life-work balance, self-fulfilment and awareness and developing specific skills and abilities to move you towards success and a better you.

There are two main styles of coaching- professional and personal.

Professional -the focus is on developing and increasing general capabilities in a professional role and discovering untapped abilities in other areas of your working self. Includes reflective work, strategising, goal achievement and purpose development. Individuals use professional coaching to target specific needs in their professional life.

Personal-  the focus is on developing longer term goals to increase your capacity to change, grow, be challenged and self-discovery. Includes, confidence building, self-exploration, spiritual connectivity and personal growth.  Individuals use personally coaching at different times during their lives.

In business, managers who experience problems with their management style often benefit from personal coaching as it offers-

  • a holistic perspective (the whole individual rather than just work-related goals).
  • Goals- increase the broader capacities of the individual (self-awareness, self-discovery, healthy adult development, enhanced interpersonal skills)
  • Behaviour- focuses on unhelpful or often entrenched patterns of behaviour that others find difficult or are unsuitable for the team they are managing.

What do you need to do?

To get the optimum value of personal and professional coaching, you need to be open minded to being challenged, committed and prepared to experience positive psychological change. Your belief systems can be tested to help you develop greater insight, ability in interpersonal skills and to reach higher levels of success and happiness. Having an honest and positive mindset will increase your enjoyment as this should be an exciting and uplifting experience. It is all about you, after all.

Your involvement will determine the outcome and how much you will learn, and be able to transfer that knowledge to your everyday life and relationships, in and out of work.

Coaching allows you to take hold of your past, develop the strength to manage future anxiety and grow a stronger sense of self, that will benefit all those around you.

Increased self-confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance are outcomes of this process.

I’m looking forward to sharing this exciting and challenging path forward with you and my 16 years of knowledge and understanding in the field of ‘being human.’

Sarah Godfrey

Life Works When Psychologist and Personal & Professional Development Coach/ Director /Owner of Moving Mindsets & Life Works When.

BPsych BSocio Grad.Dip.App. Psych MAPS, CCOUN, AHPRA, PBA


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